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What's so Great About the Quick STick Flag BracketĀ® ?

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     * * * The Proud Group, LLC, Enthusiastically Presents * * *

Assembly by American workers with

all parts procured from American companies.

Patent for QSFB1 issued.

Patent for QSFB2 pending.

* * * Not Designed For Moving Vehicles * * *

Hi.  My name is Steve Grenade.  I developed the

Quick Stick Flag Bracket to make it easy for anyone to

fly a flag!

First of all, these brackets are purposefully molded, assembled and packaged right here in Tampa Bay Florida, that is . . . MADE IN THE U.S.A.  

Why?  Because I intended its first use would be to fly The Flag of the United States of America.  If this little holder was going to have the honor of flying Our Flag, then . . . I wanted it made in Our Country. 

Secondly, these little brackets were designed, re-designed and tested for several years in all sorts of weather and climate conditions, successfully withstanding the brutal heat and humidity of the Florida summers . . .holding firm through hurricane-forced winds. . . and standing tall in the severest of cold and snow conditions of those bone-chilling winters in the U.S. North.

And thirdly, it's the FIRST and ONLYstick-on bracket made specifically to display standard sized stick flags . . . accepting up to 5/16" wooden staff speartip or ball flags.  It discreetly measures 3/4" wide and only a few inches tall.  It is made of a durable, UV-resistant, non-toxic ABS plastic and uses the best high bonding tape I could find.  (Replace only w/ certified outdoor tape.) 

The QSFB2 can hold either one or two stick flags at the same time.